BL19006 Eight Studs

BL19006 Eight Studs


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Make different types of connections with Eight Studs, a flexible and customizable LEGO® house.

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Eight Studs, Austria

Make different types of connections with Eight Studs, a flexible and customizable LEGO® house.

About the designer


Started playing with LEGO® in the late 1970s. My creations have the tendency to involve mechanics and physical play, and creating something with LEGO® bricks is all about creating experiences.

About the AFOL Designer Program

BrickLink and the LEGO® Group celebrated 60 years of the LEGO® brick with the AFOL community by realizing unique designs with truly original themes.

Design information

Unique LEGO® parts: 193

Total LEGO® parts: 1393

Exclusive part: 1

Dimensions: W: 33.0 cm x H: 23.0 cm x D: 11.0 cm


Experience modern living using a flexible space for your minifigs with Eight Studs. One housing unit can easily attach or stack with another unit, so you can either create a 2×8 space or a two-story unit for your minifigs. The minimal design allows you organize and decorate rooms for activities such as hanging out or playing with LEGO® bricks. Feel free to move things around until you find that perfect balance. Eight Studs is about making connections with LEGO®, and life is too.

Judge’s comments

This house takes the modular aspect of the LEGO® brick to the next level, literally. Each of the 4-studded sections can be stacked on top of one another, at least 4 stories high. The porches are are also a fine piece of work.

Designer’s notes

It’s a little bit of modern style house that resembles the classic 2×4 brick. Hopefully it’s fun to build but also allows for more creativity. All balcony doors can be opened, and the two rooms can be rearranged in various ways. The roof of each room can be removed. The eight studs on top can be transformed into flower pots. When you split up the two rooms there are parts included to form a little stairway in front of one door and some parts to use as a French balcony for the other. The flower pots on the balcony grid can be positioned high and low, depending on where the plants are. The shelves are fixed, but other than that, the furniture can be changed easily. This design can stand on its own, but you can tinker around, customize, express yourself, and create a shared model with family and friends.

Design inspiration

Building with LEGO® has this positive, constructive, and therefore, inspiring nature to me. The system itself allows for basic play but also sophisticated building experience. The evolution of the LEGO® Minifigure also is very interesting. It allows people to dive into a playful world. It’s the key for identification. Foremost, it’s very unique that you can take parts from a product and create new experiences from it. Building LEGO® is about forming connections. Life is too. Developing social connections with friends and family has great value to me. The chance to express this connection in physical form was the inspiration for my design.


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Make different types of connections with Eight Studs, a flexible and customizable LEGO® house.