BL19007 Science Tower

BL19007 Science Tower


Achtung! Ersticktungsgefahr. Kleine Teile.

Research, experiment, invent and discover new ideas in the Science Tower, built in a colorful scenery next to a small stream.

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About the designer


About 10 years ago, I started participating in LEGO® competitions. I now develop my own models and instructions along with commissioned work. My specialty is architectural designs.



Design information

Unique LEGO® parts: 231

Total LEGO® parts: 1204

Exclusive part: 1

Dimensions: W: 31.0 cm x H: 17.0 cm x D: 19.0 cm



About the AFOL Designer Program

BrickLink and the LEGO® Group celebrated 60 years of the LEGO® brick with the AFOL community by realizing unique designs with truly original themes.



Cross a small bridge over a stream and underneath an apple tree to get into the Science Tower, a multi-colored, four-level building. A pair of scientists and their trusty hound work here and are up to new discoveries! Shadow them around the tower to learn more about their experiments, or do your own research in the library. As day becomes night, climb up to the top floor to test out the astronomical telescope in the observatory. Challenge yourself to identify all scientific experiments and inventions!

Judge’s comments

A lot of science is packed into these five floors. But the exterior of the building is equally remarkable, with a variety of colors and architectural features that wouldn’t typically be used together, making it interesting to look at from any angle.

Designer’s notes

The model features an original architecture and includes play features, attractive design elements, and interesting building techniques on a comparatively small footprint. A lot of attention and work was put into the colorful and unique exterior design as well as into the representation of some of the most important tools and experiments in scientific history. Spot some of these famous experiments or scientific equipment in the Science Tower: astronomical telescope in observatory dome with horizontal and vertical rotation, wind wheel on the roof for power generation, scales with weights, radio transmitter with telegraph key, chemical laboratory, Pavlov’s dog experiment, Schrödinger’s cat experiment, double-slit experiment, wings for flying experiments, steam machine with turnable wheel and piston in the cellar, solar system model, Mendel’s cultivation experiment with intermediate inheritance of four o’clock plants, Newton’s falling apple, and other things including an hourglass, compass, camera, sextant, microscope, gramophone and a big library!

Design inspiration

I’m interested in architecture, natural sciences, fantasy and science fiction, so that’s where my thoughts went. I wanted to create an original and attractive building with an equally interesting interior. It’s a tribute to some great scientists and their discoveries, but also has a slightly fantastical twist to it.

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Research, experiment, invent and discover new ideas in the Science Tower, built in a colorful scenery next to a small stream.