BL19008 The LEGO® Story

BL19008 The LEGO® Story


Achtung! Ersticktungsgefahr. Kleine Teile.

Celebrate the 60th anniversary of the LEGO® brick by building vignettes that represent different eras of LEGO history.

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About the designer


I collect Modular Buildings because my dream is to build a big LEGO® city. I also started exploring 3D rendering and animation, so I make short LEGO® animations when time allows.

About the AFOL Designer Program

BrickLink and the LEGO® Group celebrated 60 years of the LEGO® brick with the AFOL community by realizing unique designs with truly original themes.

Design information

Unique LEGO® parts: 271

Total LEGO® parts: 1442

Exclusive part: 1

Dimensions: W: 58.0 cm x H: 10.0 cm x D: 8.0 cm



Since it’s the 60th anniversary of LEGO® Brick, what’s a better way to celebrate than taking a look back at how it all started? Build an individual vignette for 4 different eras of LEGO history starting from 1937. Ole Kirk Kristiansen bought his first milling machine, and the company only made wooden toys (have you spotted the wooden duck?). In the second vignette, LEGO® started molding plastic bricks in 1946. The third vignette is of a designer’s office to represent designers working on the amazing LEGO® sets that we all are familiar with. Finally, in the fourth vignette, you can see a modern molding machine with a complicated tubing system in the background. That’s where the raw materials “travel” to the big molding machines that make LEGO® bricks. Display all the vignettes together, or put them in different places, to share the story of LEGO®!

Judge’s comments

Each setting – walls, windows and floor – reflects close attention to detail and the furniture (including the machines) is fun to build and quite realistic for the size. The subject matter is one of great interest to many in the AFOL community.

Designer’s notes

I realized that this model will be probably interesting for AFOLs, serious LEGO® builders or collectors, so I wanted it to have a “premium feel.” That’s why I built the same black base for all four scenes. I also wanted to hide some small, but important details in the models, like the old wooden duck on the first vignette, or the mould inside the moulding machine! I’d also like to mention that I used some interesting, more advanced building techniques in all little scenes, so I hope fellow LEGO® fans will have a great time building this set.

Design inspiration

The LEGO® design and manufacturing process was always interesting to me. I built a LEGO® Factory for my minifigures some years ago, so for me, this was an interesting – and in my opinion – a very unique theme. When I saw the announcement of the AFOL Designer Program, I knew I must rethink my old LEGO® design and share the whole story of the LEGO® brick with fellow LEGO® fans. I started searching for stories and images of the history of LEGO®, and I found an official website dedicated to it. I also found a short animation that was made for the 80th birthday of LEGO®. I was ready to build something after gathering this information, and that’s how my design finally “came to life.”

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Celebrate the 60th anniversary of the LEGO® brick by building vignettes that represent different eras of LEGO history.