BL19011 Vintage Roadster

BL19011 Vintage Roadster


Achtung! Ersticktungsgefahr. Kleine Teile.

Announce your arrival at the main event when you step out in style from the Vintage Roadster.

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About the designer

LEGO® is my way to relax from work in the evenings for a few hours. I love to try out MOCs in different themes, including Space, Castle, and Microscale, and sharing them on Flickr.

About the AFOL Designer Program

BrickLink and the LEGO® Group celebrated 60 years of the LEGO® brick with the AFOL community by realizing unique designs with truly original themes.

Design information

Unique LEGO® parts: 136
Total LEGO® parts: 474
Exclusive part: 1
Dimensions: W: 28.0 cm x H: 11.0 cm x D: 8.0 cm


Journey to the Art Deco era in your very own Vintage Roadster, which has enough room for you and a friend to experience elegance on wheels. With its classic sweeping shape, side doors, and monochromatic color scheme, no one will question your timeless sense of style. Even the sleek engine inside can be revealed simply by removing the front hood. No matter where you go with this Vintage Roadster, you will be the star of the show.

Judge’s comments

Clever use of „balloon“ pieces for all four fenders and some advanced-level sloping techniques give this car an iconic shape at a relatively low piece count. Surprisingly sturdy as well.

Designer’s notes

I hope you will enjoy the sleek shape of this vintage roadster from all sides, including above. I wanted it to really evoke the spirit of an era in which cars were still a luxury object, designed with an emphasis on style. The biggest challenge of the design was to integrate the fenders at the correct angles to blend into the body of the car. You can substitute your own LEGO bricks in other colors – try making a two-tone paint job!

Design inspiration

Growing up, I loved to look at vintage cars with their imaginative shapes and details. When I first saw the curved white parts that make up the fenders, I immediately had a mental image of a 1930s roadster. Believe it or not, these parts were originally for a hot air balloon in a 2015 LEGO Friends set! Then in 2016 I got to build set 21307 Caterham Seven (a great LEGO Ideas design by fan Carl Greatrix). I was inspired by the techniques in that set to try my first model car. I love how the LEGO fan community encourages everyone to come up with new uses for parts be inspired by each other’s designs!

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Announce your arrival at the main event when you step out in style from the Vintage Roadster.